Meet the team

Owner, Dad, Grandpa

Steve started working at the shop in 1972 after graduating from Pittsburg State University. His mother cofounded Sitzmark Sports in 1968, and Steve helped her grow the business into what it is today. He is a father of three and a grandfather of 8, and is proud to have worked with all four generations at the shop.

Fun facts

  • Can literally build or fix anything
  • Enjoys a nice glass of scotch
  • Was also a good slalom skier back in the day
General manager

Jamie’s is a veteran of the action sports industry and has been working at Sitzmark since he was in high school.  He is an avid snowboarder, skier, wakeboarder, and wakeskater and enjoys riding with the Sitzmark crew, especially with his two sons.

Fun facts

  • Lived in Utah and worked for Brighton resort for a season
  • Loves old 4 wheel drive SUVs and trucks, especially old 4Runners
  • Best friend is Cooper, the shop golden-doodle
Shop Dog

Cooper is a 5-year-old Goldendoodle that spends most days up at the shop with the crew. He is very smart, very stubborn, and will do just about anything for a dog treat. His favorite hobbies are playing with his tennis balls, messing with the delivery guys, and taking naps on the rug by the front door.

Fun facts

  • Can sit, shake, lay down, and sometimes high-five, but only for treats.
  • Loves the snow and the water
Sales Team

Jen is a team veteran, the lead women’s buyer, and a constant fixture in the shop.  When she’s not working at the shop, she’s raising a family of four kids and two dogs.  In her free time, she enjoys fashion and jewelry design.

Fun facts

  • Makes her own jewelry at home
  • Helps design outerwear for Boulder Gear outerwear company
Sales Team

Dennis is a shop veteran who works part-time, usually on Sundays.  When he’s not working full-time as an athletic trainer for Olathe schools, he’s raising two boys at home, training at the crossfit gym, snowboarding, and wakeskating.

Fun facts

  • Enjoys skinny-skiing and going to bullfights on acid
  • A member of the Sitzmark ‘retirement’ crew…aka works part-time for hook-ups on gear
Alex & Todd
Shop Tech, Part-time Shop Dog

Alex has been working seasonally at Sitzmark for 7 years, and Todd is the shih-tzu pup usually right behind him. Alex and Todd are looking forward to another good season at the shop and are hoping for some local snow. Alex can usually be found in the shop putting a super smooth tune on your gear.

Fun facts

  • Todd has a large collection of dog sweaters
  • Alex is originally from Iowa and is an Iowa State alumni
  • Todd grew up with all cats, which explains a lot about his personality
Sales Associate, Shop Tech

Pete has been working at Sitzmark for 2 years and works both in the service shop and on the sales floor. He enjoys tuning and fixing skis and hearing about customers past and future trips. He usually skis Vail, Beaver Creek, and Park City every year, but he’s looking forward to going to Telluride and Crested Butte this season. In his spare time, he likes hanging out with his family, who also loves to ski.

Fun facts

  • Originally from Chicago
  • Always excited to check out new equipment and gear when it comes in
  • Is missing tendons in both knees, but still skis no problem
Shop Mom, Helmet Guru

Mindy grew up in Kansas City and has worked in multiple sectors of the action-sports world. Her expertise is in motorcycles, specifically high-performance race bikes, and she has worked with several prestigious companies, including Bell Motorsports, Vanson Leathers, Ducati, and Triumph.

Fun facts

  • Cooper’s number 1 fan and personal photographer
  • Pro-helmet fitter and safety enthusiast
  • Hung out in the West Bottoms before it was cool again
Shop Tech

Brendon has been working at Sitzmark for two years and usually works in the shop waxing and tuning your skis and snowboards.  When he’s not working at the shop, he is an avid skateboarder, snowboarder, and he is currently going to school to be an electrician.

Fun facts

  • Enjoys repping old skate companies that have since gone out of business
  • Resident shop metal-head
  • Favorite food is IHop
Shop Tech

Eric has been working at the shop for 4 years. He is an expert at tuning and fixing anything mechanical. Eric’s first hobby of choice is skating; he’s the shop flatground specialist and usually has double kickflips on lock.

Fun facts

  • Has an insane knowledge of entomology (study of bugs)
  • Would like to get his Captain’s license someday
Sales Team

Trent has worked for the shop off and on for many years and has experience in many sectors of the outdoor industry.  From bikes to outdoor goods to skiing and snowboard, Trent has done it all.  Currently, he works at the shop part-time when he’s not working his regular job in the construction industry.

Fun Facts

  • Completed the famous Leadville 100 mountain bike race
  • Use to be a traveling salesman for a sock company