Buyer’s Guide Blog: Wakesurf Edition

As the popularity of wakesurfing expands rapidly and local riders continue to progress, we are proud to provide the largest and most diverse lineup of surfers we’ve ever carried.

With the selection offered in the industry today, it’s important to know the fundamentals of surfboard shaping and technology.  When we talk surfers at the shop, we like to break it down into a board’s CONSTRUCTION & SHAPE primarily, then get into the details of rockerline, edge rails, and features.  These subtle details and features and often specific to each board model, so it’s important to see and feel these boards in person before making a decision on your new deck.

CONSTRUCTION: The single most important aspect of choosing a wakesurfboard should be its construction.  This determines the quality of ride, speed of the board, the durability of the board, and of course its price.

  • Compression Molded: Built like a wakeboard with foam sandwiched between layers of urethane, resin, and fiberglass.
    • Advantages: Durable, predictable, tracks well.
    • Disadvantages: Heavier, slower, less maneuverable.
  • Hand-layed Glass: Built like a traditional surfboard by hand-sanding a foam core, then wrapping it with a thin layer of fiberglass and resin.
    • Advantages: Lightweight, fast, more buoyant, more maneuverable.
    • Disadvantages: Fragile, can be too quick for beginners especially in combination with carbon.

SHAPE: There are endless varieties of wakesurfers on the market.  In our opinion, every shape is awesome in it’s own way, but it is important to know how each rides, so you can optimize your new board to your individual riding style.

  • Skim: Twin-like shape, wider midsection, less tracking, fun and easy to spin and ride switch.
  • Thruster: Directional shape, powerful grippy tail, fast, and great for strong carves and airing out of the wake.
  • Longboard: Sometimes directional, rounded nose and tail, slower transitions with a loose, surfy feel, fun and forgiving.
  • Swallowtail: Classic directional shape, helps tracking, quick nose with a forgiving tail.