Snowboard Best in Test: All Mountain: Rossignol One Mag

Best In Test: Men’s Snowboard: All Mountain

Rossignol One Mag

Tester: Morgan Anderson

First of all, so the audience can get to know you, how would you describe your riding style?  How long have you been riding?  What kind of terrain do you like, and how do you like to ride it?

“I started snowboarding last year. Growing up I spent a ton of time at the lake, so I have a pretty solid wakeboard/surfing background. Needless to say, learning to snowboard was a fun and bruise-free transition.  If I had to describe my my style into one word, it would definitely be ‘creative’. I love to find stashes of powder in and close to the trees. Looking for creative lines around natural obstacles, especially in tree runs. I think my wakeboard and surfing background keeps me in that jibby realm and helps me be creative on the mountain.”

You recently got to spend some quality time on your One Mag, but on your first few runs with the new board, what were your first impressions?

“My first impression(s) of the One Mag was how unbelievably fast the board was (kevlar and basalt in base). The board turned on a dime, very responsive, smooth, and shhhhh.. was vewy vewy quiet (queue Elmer Fudd clip).”

When did you notice the board really thriving?  Any particular terrain or snow consistency?
“I really noticed how amazing this board was in the powder… We got about a foot per day and given the boards’ rocker camber rocker shape, I was really surprised how well the board floated in the deep fluff. Another “thriving” point was on the more groomed cat tracks how, quiet, smooth, and stable the board was at higher speeds.”

For readers that don’t know the board by name, the One Mag has camber between the inserts and mellow rocker from the inserts out towards the tip and tail.  How would you describe the overall feel of this board?

“I’d probably describe the overall feel of this board as ‘predictable’. It will let you play around and make quick turns in and out of trees, or deep snow, but if you really want to lay an edge, pick up some speed, or make a quick turn around something, the board definitely has your back.”

You recently upgraded from the Rossignol Templar 158 to the One Mag 156…what did you notice about the difference in boards other than the slight size difference?

“Differences other than size would be the smooth and quiet, yet explosive behavior of the OneMag, compared to the stable and user friendly background of the Templar.”

Lastly, what advice would you give a potential buyer considering the One Mag for their all-mountain shred sled?

“If you are considering the OneMag for an all-mountain shred stick, absolutely go for it! If you want anything close or compatible to the Rossi, you’re looking at boards that start $100 more straight out of the gate. It doesn’t get better than $499 for a board that is truly the One (queue Neo from the matrix flying away at the end of the movie).”