Shop Setups Part 1! What are the local shop rats riding? And why?

We all have different taste in gear…whether it’s the brands we support, the graphics we like, or the technology that’s valuable to us.  But if there’s one thing we have in common, we all get really excited about picking out a fresh slab of wood, fiberglass, and urethane every couple of years.

Here’s what your local tune monkeys are riding this year…

Alex Davis: 4 years shop experience, owner of Todd (the Shih Tzu/Yorkie), easily peer-pressured into buying too many jackets, in his spare time, likes to do payroll and taxes for an HR firm, aka a real job.

Board: Gnu Rider’s Choice C2-BTX

Bindings: Burton Cartel Re:Flex

“How you would you describe the Riders’ Choice to someone that doesn’t know the board?”

Alex: “It’s an asymmetrical twin with a flying-v-like rocker profile (C2-BTX).  It’s smooth, poppy, doesn’t catch on anything, and it’s a good all-mountain board out West.”

“Why Gnu?

Alex: “I like the Magne-Traction; I switched from a Ride to a Lib Tech (Skate Banana) a couple years ago, loved it, and wanted to upgrade.  It’s also awesome that they are built in the USA by snowboarders with jobs, like us, haha.”

“Why did you choose the Cartels to put on your board?”

Alex: “They’re light, responsive, and comfortable.  The Cap-strap fits my boot really well, and the baseplate has a good feel.”

Matt Paschang: 11 years shop experience (5 at Sitzmark), step-dad to several cats, real-job drop out, snow industry lifer, former tent-living dirtbag.


Board: Capita Defenders of Awesome

Bindings: Union Atlas

“What’s the Defenders of Awesome like?”

Matt: “It’s super fun.  It’s a cambered twin with rocker to flat on the nose and tail, so it has great pop and great edge-feel.  It is a medium flex, but it’s really stable ’cause of the carbon and the titanal.

“What made you choose Capita over the other brands we carry?”

Matt: “There new factory in Austria is supposed to be amazing, so I trust the quality.  I’m also a huge video nerd, and Capita sponsors a ton of riders that have awesome edits.  They are also a true snowboard company.”

“Why did you pick the Atlas for your binding setup?”

Matt: “I’m a huge Union fan.  They sponsor a ton of pros, their bindings are really well-made and super durable, and I loved my last pair.  I wanted to upgrade to a more padded canted footbed and a really nice ankle-strap.”

“What’s your favorite thing about your whole setup?”

Matt: “Well, other than my custom footbeds, probably going back to a cambered board.  I just love the way the edge feels, the pop is way better than my last flat board, and the DOA is crazy stable for a mid-flex board.”

Jack Walton: 3 years shop experience, soon-to-be freshman at the University of Arkansas, aspiring male-model, signature look: Thor.


Board: Lib Tech Hot Knife C3-BTX

Bindings: Burton Cartel LTD

“What made you choose the Hot Knife?”
“The Hot Knife has Lib Tech’s C3 technology so that means it’s a camber dominant board. Its still has rocker in-between your feet but goes to camber on the tips. I like the C3 because its great at high speeds and has awesome pop but can still be maneuvered fairly easily.”

“What’s your favorite feature?”
“My favorite feature has to be the magna-traction. The wavy edges hold well in turns and make the hard packed snow easy to carve through.”

There are a lot of companies offering cambered boards nowadays, why Lib Tech?”
I’ve been a fan of Lib Techs for as long as I can remember, and that’s mostly due to magna-traction. Magna-Traction is awesome on any style of board wether its cambered like mine or you have a fully rocker board. I also like the graphics Lib Tech puts out from artists like Jamie Lynn.

“Tell me about those bindings and what do you like about them?”
I picked the Cartel LTD because you can’t go wrong with a Cartel. Its one of the best bindings of all time and Burton knows it. When they released a LTD I thought I’d get it because of the premium ratchets and toe caps.