Onewheel+ Preview

The wait is almost over!  The Onewheel+ is now scheduled to ship mid-May!

The most revolutionary ride on the planet just got an upgrade, and we are super pumped to be one of the only shops in the Midwest to stock this technology!   We want to get them to everyone who has been waiting as soon as possible, and Future Motion, Inc is working as quickly as possible to get them assembled, packed, and shipped.

We thank you for your patience, and if you would like to reserve one from our first shipment, please call 913-341-5330 or stop by the shop to put down a deposit.  In the mean-time, we still have the original Onewheel in stock!


  • Hypercore: We’re not sure how it works, but the new motor is now smoother and faster than ever thought possible.
  • Surestance: Just like your non-motorized skateboard, the tip and tail now feature ramped kicks wrapped in hardwood and covered in grip-tape.  This means your Onewheel just got more ergonomic, more control, and more responsive.
  • Digital Shaping 2.0: Future Motion is also releasing a new smartphone app for the Onewheel+.  Inspired by surfboard-shapers creating quivers of boards for different rides, the app will allow you to customize your ride with a flick of your finger.