Now In Stock – Standup Paddleboards from Radar!

Radar SUP is back with a lineup that’s better than ever.

Beginners in the SUP world and seasoned paddlers alike will appreciate the quality construction and new-and-improved designs that Radar has to offer.  Whether you’re soaking in some rays, adding a fun twist to your yoga routine, or paddling endurance races on the weekend, we’ve got the perfect shape for you.

The Scepter 11’6″ & 12’0″ has a new nose design for 2016 that blends it’s traditional planning hull with a mellow displacement hull.  Displacement hulls generally paddle more efficiently, but sometimes more aggressive nose profiles can decrease volume and thus stability.  Planning hulls, like a traditional surfboard, provide maximum volume and stability and accelerate at speed when the nose rises out of the water.  However, they don’t track as well and tend to wander off their line.  Radar smartly combined the two styles by shaping a displacement hull into the bottom of the hull while keeping the overall shape more like a planning hull, thus achieving a stable, smooth, and fast ride.  With a dropped deck, a steeper rocker line, and a dual concave, the Scepter is the go-to SUP for anyone who wants high performance out of an everyday board.

Radar Scepter

The Totem Crossover 11’3″ & 12’1″ follows the mantra ‘if it ain’t broke don’t fix it’.  This board is unchanged from last year because of it’s success and popularity as a great all-around SUP.  The best thing about the Totem is it’s overall surface area.  However, not only does it have a lot of space on the deck, all of it’s space is extremely usable and comfortable because it’s flat, not convex.  Most boards curve outwards because they were traditionally designed for standing sideways when riding ocean waves.  Radar realized this need not apply to SUPs where standing facing forwards is more stable and powerful when paddling on flat-water.  The Totem uses a traditional planning hull, so it doesn’t paddle quite as efficiently as the Scepter, but it can still get up and go when the rider gets on the gas.


Lastly, we should note that Radar is one of the few companies that uses a SUP-specific Touring Fin.  It tracks better than a traditional surf-fin of the same depth because of it’s wide profile.  This allows the fin-depth to be shallower for easy beach-starts and shallow water navigation.2016_RADAR_Radar_SUP_Touring_Fin