New Tech: Ronix Technora Surfers

Wake surfing is the most exciting thing in watersports right now.  That being said, it’s also the newest thing in watersports, which means the shaping and technology is still evolving rapidly.  Shaping has improved dramatically with the help of wakeboard and surfboard shapers, but new materials and constructions are continuing to improve.

Traditionally, all high-end surfboards were hand-shaped out of a solid foam block, then coated with fiberglass and epoxy resin.  The foam provided the buoyancy and the fiberglass and resin provided the stiffness and durability.  Therefore, the amount of durability and stiffness were directly correlated to how much glass and resin was used.  The only problem with that formula is that more resin = more weight, which reduces buoyancy, feel, responsiveness, and of course speed.Technora Fiber

So how do we create lighter, stiffer, and faster surfboards?  Start adding more sophisticated materials into the foam, fiberglass, and (or) resin.  That’s where Technora comes in.  Technora is an aramid fiber similar to Kevlar, and it’s used in numerous industrial applications because of it’s high strength and heat and chemical resistance.  It has even been used by NASA on the Mars rover’s parachute lines.