Fresh Produce: 2015 Ronix Wakeboards

If you are a wakeboarder, wakeskater, surfer, or waterskier, you should be really stoked about life right now.  We are experiencing a seriously awesome time in the development of watersports riding and technology.  With the expansion of cable parks, the development of 2 tower systems, and huge advances in boat design, the availability and quality of riding has exploded!  Add to that the development of board and ski technology, notably hybrid cores, sidewall construction, grind bases, and modern boot materials, and the progression we’ve seen in just the past few years is insane.

Feast your eyes on one of the best lineups we’ve ever seen from Ronix Wakeboards, including the all-new Danny Harf One boards and the ground-breaking camber technology of the Parks boards and the Bandwagon.