End of Season Checklist – How to Store Your Ski Gear, the Right Way

Before you enter summer mode completely, take a moment to clean and store your ski and snowboard gear. Many people don’t know how to store their ski gear properly. This end of ski season checklist can help avoid delaminating jackets, funky smells, rusty edges, and warped gear. Follow these 5 tips to make sure your planks and outwear stay in great condition and are ready to go when the lifts start to spin again.

      1. Wash Your Outerwear – It is okay to wash waterproof jackets and pants. It really is! Your ski jacket and pants get dirty throughout the season: sweat from going big, grease from the lift, ketchup, and spilled beverages are all contributors. If left unwashed, the sweat, dirt, and bacteria deteriorate and degrade the waterproofing and fabric of your outerwear.

  • For hard-shells or synthetic insulated outwear, first clean with Tech Wash to clean out the pores of your coat effectively, revive its breathability, and then re-waterproof with TX.Direct. Boom. Good as new.
  • For down-filled puffy items, Down Wash will remove grime while protecting delicate feathers. Down Proof  adds water-repellency and also maintains breathability. Place items in the dryer and tumble on air dry.
  • TIP:  To fluff up your fragile fowl feathers, try throwing in a tennis ball or two (Pre-Fido) in some socks. Believe it or not, the tennis balls help break up clusters of down, and the socks prevent the balls from transferring any color or dirt to your gear. This is turning into a fun project.

      2. Love your gloves – Gloves and mittens take a beating on the hill, from abrasive snow to runny noses to ketchup and beverages. All of these inhibit the water repellency and shorten the mitts’ lifespan.

  • First, clean your gloves as needed, then use Waterproofing Wax for Leather  to waterproof leather gloves or Glove Proof  for fabric, or fabric & leather combination mitts. Warm and dry hands are happy hands.

      3. Clean your base layers (And face masks too!) – Why store stinky things? Wash and deodorize your dirty layers and buffs before putting them away.

  • Use BaseWash to clean and deodorize your synthetic layers and face masks. WoolWash will take care of your wool layers, ensuring they are ready to perform at their max come opening day.
  • TIP: If you use your base layers year round for running, hiking, and camping trips, use BaseWash with every load of synthetics to keep them performing and in great condition.

      4. Wax your planks for storage – Applying storage wax is an often overlooked step at the end of the ski season. Properly storing your skis and snowboards over the summer will increase their lifespan and then require minimal tuning when the snow starts to fall again.

  • TIP: Be sure to store your toys outside of a ski or board bag. Trapped moisture and extreme temperatures are not good for your equipment.

      5. Store boots buckled or laced! 

  • A cool, dry place with buckles buckled and straps strapped is the best way to store your boots for the off-season. This will help the plastic shell or leather outer maintain its shape. Boots stored unbuckled can warp and become (even more) uncomfortable.

Goodbye sweet ski season. Miss you already. But hello summer!