Congrats! You made it. Whether you are now getting ready for your next step in education, or taking your first steps out into the real world, you just graduated. All that hard work is about to pay off… and pay out! What in the world are you going to buy with all that grad money?!?

If you only have $30 to spend or $300, here is a sweet list of gear and accessories that are fun in the sun or on campus.

Coming up first we have Belts from Arcade Co. At $26, these stretchy belts will make any pants feel like sweatpants. Different colors and patterns are available to match any outfit/style.

Next up from Nixon, comes the Blaster Pro ($150) & Mini Blaster ($100). This super portable Bluetooth speaker packs a punch. Choose between the Blaster Pro or the Mini in one of four new colors, or buy two Blaster Mini’s and pair them together  for stereo-quality sound! Shock and weather resistant, blast your tunes in any environment.

Longboards & cruisers are perfect on and off campus. Whether it be getting to and from classes or meeting up with friends, a longboard/cruiser is the way to roll. Surely to hit any budget with a wide range from $120 up to $250, you can get around anywhere at school (at the fraction of the price of a car!). Just think of all that gas money you’ll save for soda. Here’s just a few options:

I could go on and on about affordable gear we have up here at Sitzmark, but these are definitely some of the better ones. Mom. Dad. If you happen to be reading this, these are absolutely great gift ideas, too.

Stop on by and let us help you celebrate and enjoy your graduation.

– Morgan