We are in the midst of a very special year for Burton re-issues, holiday limited editions, and anniversary editions.  Burton’s Backyard Project is releasing two classic boards, the Custom and the Craig Kelly Mystery Air, as modern tributes to classic shapes and graphics.  They are also collaborating with Playboy for graphics on a new freestyle shape, the Process Pure-Pop Off-Axis.

The most award-winning snowboard of all time, the Burton Custom, was originally released in 1996.  Since then, it’s been the mold for countless pro-models, featured in too many video-parts to count, and taken more turns on the hill than any board ever produced.  The base graphics are throwbacks to some of the most iconic versions of the board, and the tech story doesn’t disappoint either.  The 20th Anniversary will be the only version of the Custom to feature the Pure-Pop Camber bend profile which is quickly becoming the team favorite with its nice blend of pop and float.

Speaking of pro-models, the Craig Kelly Mystery Air was Burton’s first ever signature pro-model board.  It was originally released in 1990 and featured the amazing ketchup and mustard graffiti graphic that was both beautiful and hilariously ugly.  The shape is cambered, directional, stiff, and stupid fast, just like the original.  It’s a tribute that would make Craig proud.  Sadly, he died in an avalanche in British Columbia in 2003, but he will always be a part of snowboarding history.

Lastly, the Process Pure-Pop Off-Axis made it’s debut in the Local Brew lineup last year and now gets its own holiday limited graphic.  Burton has done a few Playboy colabs in the past, most notably the Love from 2009 & 2010, but the main story on the this board is the board itself.  The Process destroys in the park, and it’s fun on the rest of the mountain.  The Squeezebox Low technology makes it soft from tip to tail, but the triaxial glass keeps it torsionally stiff and very stable on edge.  Charge into kickers and lock into boardslides with ease; the Process will make you step your game up.  Plus, you’ll have something nice to look at after each run.