A Sunglasses Love Story…A Review by Mindy

As the song goes, “I wear my sunglasses all the time!”mindy smith shades

Okay so I may have changed the lyrics a bit, but in my case it’s the truth. I love my sunnies!

Over the years I have rocked many different brands, but my brand of choice for summer 2016 is Smith Optics.

My “perfect shades” test involves a few key components, style, shape and weight, Smith passed my test with flying colors.The matte black Mt. Shasta’s were my first pair of sunglasses from Smith. I loved them from the moment I put them on and wore them around the shop.  The throwback round shape is the perfect fit for my round face, making me look oh so fancy. The next thing I noticed about this iconic style was how light they felt without feeling flimsy or brittle. Light weight but durable means I can wear them all day, then store them in my mess of a purse without worry of breaking. Finally the lens scored some major bonus points with me.  The clarity of their Carbonic polarized lens was surprising as I have personally never been wowed by a lens. The fact that I was impressed by the basic lens makes me want to try out the upgraded ChromaPop lens, but until then, my current Mt. Shasta’s are number one on my favorites list.

Next in line is the Sydney, this vintage cat eye shape also happens to be round in profile. I have found that this pair has the same great shape, weight, and clarity of the Mt. Shasta but the Sydney has the classic elegance that even Marilyn would want. The detail that sold me on this pair from Smith, was the nose piece. Okay I’m sure you’re wondering how someone could be impressed by a low profile non-slip nose piece, but it’s seriously a game changer. The nose piece makes these wide framed sunglasses extremely comfortable and worth every penny. This same timeless style has been made by every brand under the sun, but the Sydney is the first that I’ve found to address the nose issue, which means no annoying marks on your nose when you take your shades off, and no slipping down your face causing constant Steve Urkel adjustment. Class and comfort put this gem at a close 1st on my favorites list.

Moral of the story: Smith Optics….we’re not worthy!